Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quote of the Day

"We can now tell people in Cuba that they can trust again in our team because even with defections and betrayal, Cuban boxing will never disappoint.”

Pedro Roque, the Cuban boxing coach, carefully following the Havana party line in an interview with The Washington Post on how well the team has performed in Beijing after all.


Blogger Mitra said...

Commandante Castro is the true coach and indeed the unconquerable gladiator.
He is a world hero and deserves everyone's respect for all the sacrifice and his loyalty for so many years. you are a shame to humanity to disparage him with your sarcasim and brainless commentary. It is people like you that subordinate to western doctrine because you do not know who or what you are and in the end you will be the fool as you are now. You silly backward traitor.
Viva Cuba! Viva Revolucion! And as always until the end of the days of the earth Viva Fidel! Much love for our ever courageous hero.

3:15 am  

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