Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I was pleasantly surprised when I could not find a single statue or billboard representation of Raul or Fidel Castro, not only in Havana but anywhere in Cuba."
David Moulton, who "works with the homeless" in his home town of Duluth, Minnesota, reporting to his local newspaper on his recent trip to Cuba. A member of the US Pastors for Peace "caravan", it would seem Mr Moulton did not look hard enough.


Anonymous Alberto de la Cruz said...

Perhaps he was too busy looking at the crumbling buildings, the young girls walking the streets looking for Johns so that they can feed and clothe their families, and those amazing 1950's American cars still running on Russian tank parts.

Otherwise, everything was grand in Cuba for this very observant fellow.

1:18 pm  
Anonymous mandingo said...

Pastors for Peace! What can you expect from a Cuban dictatorship front group like that - based in Harlem in New York City and led by a so called pastor Rev. Lucius Walker who is very well in the pay of Havana - who was kicked out of the left wing pro Castro national Council of Churches for being too radical!

3:09 pm  
Anonymous slective vision said...

Or he looked, but only saw what he wanted to see and ignored the rest. It happens. Constantly.

5:23 am  

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