Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rich bastards

And you thought the principal reason for the recent rise in the price of food was the insatiable demand for raw materials from a rapidly-growing Chinese market ...

Wrong, according to Jose Machado Ventura, the dour but loyal army official that is now the official number two in the Cuban hierarchy.

The Cuban first vice-president has travelled to Rome to attend a United Nations meeting on the international "food crisis", and has used his speech to blame the situation on "developed countries".

As you can read in this report in the official Cuban media, Machado told delegates that hunger and malnutrition were the results of "an international world order that maintains and deepens poverty, inequalities and injustice". In other words, the US and its capitalists pals.

There is nothing new in this kind of rhetoric from the Castro regime, of course, but you have to wonder whether anyone in Havana has mentioned this theory to their new friends in Beijing.


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