Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Media manipulators

He may be old, near death and out of sight but Fidel Castro still knows how to get bang for his publicity buck - much as he has been doing since the mid 1950s.

Ever the consummate manipulator, the semi-retired dictator has used his semi-regular "editorial" in the official Cuban media to comment (again!) on the US presidential campaign ... knowing very well that his remarks will received extensive coverage in the American media.

This time around, Castro has some nice words to say about Barack Obama, describing him as a "strong candidate" and "the most progressive". Big tick of approval, it would seem. But not quite the type of endorsement Sen. Obama would probably seek, especially when it results in headlines such as, "Castro casts his vote for Obama".

Luckily for the would-be Democratic candidate, the old man in Havana has a bet each way.

In his editorial, Castro also criticises recent comments in Miami by Sen. Obama, who said that if elected president, he would use the US trade embargo as a carrot to help bring democratic change on the island.


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