Friday, May 09, 2008

Friends in high places

In case you are still wondering what the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Cuba thinks about Raul Castro and his "reforms", I point you in the direction of an article just published by the Catholic News Agency.

The agency quotes at length from an editorial published in the latest issue of Espacio Laical, the official magazine of the Archdiocese of Havana and therefore, the official voice of the Catholic leadership on the island.

Using the sort of convoluted, innofensive language that has become the norm for such statements, the editorial argues that given his "revolutionary" credentials, Castro II is the only one capable of producing changes that are described as "gradual, dramatic and profound".

“Intellectual leaders and the Catholic Church have expressed confidence in the new Cuban leadership, pressing it for gradual change,” the editorial continues. "And they have communicated to the political leadership in a climate of trust and respect the issues that in their judgment need to be changed.”

Trust. Respect. Judgement. I am sure Raul Castro is all ears.


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