Friday, May 30, 2008

One step at a time

The Cuban actor Jorge Perugorria, who shot to international fame in the mid 1990s as the star of the hit film Fresa y Chocolate, has been talking about the “reform process” on the island.

Perugorria has told the Spanish daily El Periodico that he is very supportive of the changes being introduced by Raul Castro. But like the good revolutionary he is, the actor says sudden change is bad, while taking “one step at a time” is much, much more preferable.

Which probably means that while it’s okay for Cubans to be allowed to window-shop for a DVD now, they will really need to wait until 2010 before they are able to window-shop for toasters.

"The [Castro regime] is introducing changes in a measured and intelligent way because it wants to build a better form of socialism and bring about more freedom,” he told the paper, adding that despite many offers from abroad, he is quite happy to continue to live in Cuba.

Of course, Perugorria is one of those lucky Cubans who are allowed to travel in and out of the country freely – provided they don’t stray too far from the approved (Communist Party) line when interviewed.


Blogger manny said...

Yea any change is good.. has anyone seen how many people Raul Castro has sent to firing squads? His changes are too little too late.

3:01 pm  

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