Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Travel advice

"Street hawking is big, everyone seems to have something to sell; cigars, places to stay, restaurant and taxis. 'No' only seems to encourage them, and they will try to find another thing to sell to you. Despite this, the streets are very safe as there is usually a policeman on every corner."

Travel writer Mel Varley, writing about Havana in the London-based South African, which describes itself as the number one newspaper for South Africans living abroad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Point supports notion that tourism does trickle down and help the average cuban.. Ie..all of those hawking and selling do get hard cash from tourism

This is why the vast majority of average cubans are very very pro-tourism, despite the retoric of miami cubans.

its true that most tourism money goes to regime (kind of like most money from tourism goes to Hilton in Jamaica not its native servants who are poor), but some does trickle down, like on the streets of havana.

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