Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Literary news

Here is some good news for those of you who are fluent in Hindi, Farsi or Sinhalese.

The official organ of the Cuban Communist Party, the ever-faithful Granma newspaper, has just announced plans to translate Fidel Castro's much-publicised "biography" into these three ancient languages.

The book, which was supposedly co-written by the also ever-faithful Ignacio Ramonet, consists of about 700 pages of questions and answers, with Castro sharing his views and thoughts on issues as diverse as French cheese and solar panels. No, it's not a fun read.

Under the grand title of "My Life", the book has already been published in Spanish, French, Turkish, Galician and English, among other languages. More recently, it was published in China, complete with a prologue written by the semi-retired dictator specially for the Mandarin edition.

So, my Hindi friends, don't say you weren't warned - the big tome is on its way.

And anyway, who is entitled to the royalties? Ramonet? Or Castro?


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