Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Human rights

Much as expected, the United Nations’ special envoy to Cuba has expressed “deep concern” about human rights violations by the Castro regime.

And much as expected, Havana will continue to ignore the findings.

In her latest report to the UN, the French magistrate Christine Chanet said the human rights situation in Cuba had shown “no significant improvement” since her last report in 2006.

Referring to dissidents jailed by the regime, she concluded: "I am deeply concerned with the physical and mental conditions of detainees who are currently suffering from various forms of illness, including cases of tuberculosis.”

Ms Chanet, who was appointed special rapporteur for Cuba in 2002, has been barred from entering the island by the regime.

And how did the official media outlets in Cuba reported the news?

With typically Orwellian headlines such as this one: "Cuba Gets Overwhelming Support at Council on Human Rights".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, if the exact same thing had happened with a right-wing dictatorial regime, the media would be massively up in arms denouncing said regime, demanding access for Chanet, and insisting on compliance with basic human rights. But, once again, Cuba's plight will be glossed over, downplayed and, ultimately, ignored. Business as usual.

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