Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hook, line and sinker 2

As predicted …

The Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Miguel Angel Moratinos, is leaving Havana today after his much-publicised two-day visit … with egg all over his face.

And doesn't it taste yummy.

During a final press conference attended by his Cuban counterpart, Felipe Perez Roque, Spanish media asked the men whether the new co-operation agreements just signed by the two governments dealt with the issue of political prisoners and dissidents currently rotting in Fidel Castro’s jails.

Perez Roque’s response was emphatic. And deliberate: There is nothing to discuss, he said, because there are no political prisoners in Cuba. Only mercenaries in the pay of the imperialists. End of story.

All this right in front of an obviously embarrassed Moratinos. Even before he had left the island! Doesn't get more cynical than that, surely.

As the Spanish daily El Mundo commented, se le aguo la fiesta a Moratinos.


Blogger Henry Gomez said...

Siempre se puede contar con el cabezon de perez roque. Si no la caga a la entrada la caga a la salida.

3:06 pm  
Anonymous asombra said...

This parting statement, even by Castro government "diplomatic" standards, is very crude, clumsy and ill-judged (even though it's perfectly characteristic). It shows the regime will not change significantly, because it won't even begin to admit it should.

Perez Roque, of course, is an embarrassment, or should be. He comes across like a cheap thug, and gives no evidence of fitness for his job other than unconditional obedience to his master. The concept of finesse is apparently quite foreign to him. Just a glorified troglodyte, really. Unfortunately, that's very fitting, considering his employers.

1:18 am  
Blogger Jose Aguirre said...

Moratino's behavior, as well as the King of Spain's letter to fidel, would make even Chamberlain blush!!!

5:31 am  

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