Friday, March 30, 2007

Looney tunes

Much excitement in the world media about an “article” supposedly written by Fidel Castro and published in today’s edition of Granma, the official propaganda sheet of the Castro regime.

In the article in question, the ailing 80 year old dictator takes aim at the United States. Again.

Surprisingly, this time it’s not the evil American “blockade” but a decision by the US and much of the Western world to look at ethanol as an alternative fuel.

Castro claims such a move will result in the death of three billion people (yes, he is very precise about that), since poor countries will be encouraged to grow maize and sugar for fuel rather than for food.

I know, chochera de viejo, as our friends at
Penultimos Dias point out.

Still, these typically apocalyptic and totally unsubstantiated claims have upset the Brazilians, who are world leaders in the production and seemingly responsible use of ethanol.

The Brazilian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Celso Amorim, told reporters that while he respected Castro’s views (why?), they were way out of kilter with the rest of the world.

Referring to Castro, Mr Amorim added: “He has some ideas that are outdated."

He is right about that.


Anonymous asombra said...

Can you imagine what the good minister would have said if someone like Pinochet had said exactly what Castro supposedly wrote? At the very least, he would have used the S-word (senile), and probably much worse. These people are more predictable than a Swiss watch.

3:05 am  
Blogger Fidel pro democracy said...

Well we have to give Castro some credit, he has experience in starving 10 million people to death, So.........

4:03 am  

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