Friday, March 23, 2007

From the finance desk

Let's assume for a moment that the economic statistics produced routinely by the Castro regime are legitimate. Big assumption, I know.

If we believe the regime, Cuba's economy grew by a staggering 12.5 per cent last year - the fastest growing economy in all of Latin America. In fact, faster even than China, which is well, highly unlikely. Still, let's continue ...

Now we are told that things may well be slowing down.

Reuters reports today comments made by a senior Cuban economic official, Osvaldo Martinez, who claims that economic growth during the current calendar year will slow down to "around 10 per cent".

The reasons for the slowdown? Tourist numbers have declined substantially, a drop the regime has blamed on the US commercial embargo. Again.

The truth, as Reuters confirms, is that European and Canadian travel agents no longer see the island as "good value for money".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regardless of "value for money" considerations, foreign tourism in Cuba is and has been every bit as immoral as foreign tourism in South Africa under the former apartheid regime. Sadly, hypocrisy and double standard have reigned for a very long time, and still do.

12:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about tourism, then, in China? What about the booming tourist trade in Vietnam? what about tourism in s. Arabia, or even Venzuela? What about tourism to the favelas in Rio? (those who live in the favelas [ghetto] are also a victim of a different type apartheid. What about tourism in Cambodia, where many locals (90%) will never be albe to hang (EAT, DRINK, SLEEP) where the westerners hang.

I don't disagree with your premise, but I do disagree that you should impose your premise on all of US citizens. Luckily I am Canadian!

5:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't forget Mali, in africa (many europeans go there).. where tourists go to play , and where locals just stare (and see consumption patterns) never to be able to be obatined by them.

5:56 am  
Blogger Fidel pro democracy said...

For a canadian you are very misinformed, the people in the countries that you mention, they maybe poor but they are free, no body makes them poor, by force, they are free to work or move somewhere else where there may be work. And if you give them your money, they could go and expend it in any hotel of the country they will be very welcome. You can not do that in Cuba. UNDERSTAND!!!

11:33 am  

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