Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Disneylandia cubana

With tourist numbers steadily declining during the past year, the Castro regime is now looking at other, inventive ways to attract cash-carrying visitors to the island – and help keep the Communist economy afloat.

According to media reports, the regime has announced plans to build three new golf courses.

The Minister for Tourism, Manuel Marrero, told reporters the new courses would be situated at Cayo Coco, Holguin (near Banes, perhaps?), and Varadero, which already has the only 18 hole course on the island. Built pre-Castro, of course.

The announcement will come as something of a shock to those remaining die-hard revolutionaries on the island who can still remember the days when golf was considered a capitalist indulgence.

But that’s not all.

The minister also announced proudly that in order to attract more visitors, the regime had plans to build a theme park “about Cuban culture”, although the location is still being debated.

That’s right: a theme park.


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