Thursday, March 29, 2007

Festival time

It seems the people who run a travel agent calling itself Captivating Cuba know something we don’t.

The British company is offering tourists a 13-day, all expenses paid opportunity to experience what it describes as “the most popular traditional festival” on the island.

They are referring, of course, to the celebrations organised by the Castro regime every year to mark the 26 July, the holiest of all holy days in the revolutionary calendar.

According to a jaunty press release issued by the travel agent, Cubans party long and hard during this time, with “people dancing in the streets to Cuban music” (don't we all?), and drinking plenty of mojitos and daiquiris well into the “hot, steamy Cuban nights.”

But there is more.

“For a real treat on your Cuba holidays,” the press release says, “July 26 is probably the best and one of the last few occasions to experience Castro himself giving one of his famous speeches.”

We shall see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about cynical, totally amoral capitalism. Disgusting.

2:24 am  

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