Wednesday, January 31, 2007

News from Havana

Cuban national television has just shown new video footage of Fidel Castro alive - and meeting Hugo Chavez.

Reportedly shot on Monday during a secret, two-hour meeting between the two leaders, the footage is the first time Castro has been seen on television since October.

According to reports from Havana, the seriously ill dictator still looks frail on the video but appears to have put on some weight.

Beyond that, the vision merely proves that the man who has ruled Cuba for nearly 50 years is still alive and apparently well enough to be able to drink a glass of orange juice without help from a nurse.

So, why air the footage now?

Well, today marks six months since Castro officially stepped aside due to serious intestinal bleeding, handing over power "temporarily" to his slightly younger brother, Raul.

In Cuba, there is always a reason for everything …


Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Raul is scared to officially hold the job. H's a snivelling coward who is slowly starving his own people to daeth! When the truth comes out shortly about this fact and all the other cruel stuff the Castro boys have done in Cuba I want to hear from all the big mouths who have believed his lying propaganda and spoke up for him. It is incredible how easily all of you were fooled. Goebles: "If you tell a big enough lie often enough it becomes the truth." You should contact Jose Reyes at and have him link this blog with the other Anti-Fidels.

2:43 pm  

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