Saturday, January 27, 2007

About being Australian

For those readers overseas who asked about the significance of Australia Day and how it's celebrated Down Under, I give you an excerpt from an editorial in this morning's edition of The Australian newspaper.

"YOU can tell a lot about a people by the way they celebrate their national day.

"In some countries there are military parades and mass rallies sanctioned by the state. Others assert their national uniqueness. Those that are especially unhappy brood on old wrongs and measure love of country by denouncing ancient enemies.

"But we do things differently here. On Australia Day, we went to the beach. We burnt a snag on barbecues with family and friends. We had a hit with the kids on a pitch in the park. Some, who will remember yesterday for the rest of their lives, became Australians in citizenship ceremonies. And across the continent, people waved the flag and wished each other happy Australia Day, effectively embracing all who understand that, for all its faults, ours is truly a lucky, and happy, country."

You can read the entire editorial here.


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