Tuesday, January 23, 2007

News from Managua

Fidel Castro remains sick. Very sick.

In fact, his fate in now “in the hands of God and his doctors”, according to the recently elected president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.

In his first press conference since his swearing in on 10 January, Ortega told reporters that he had seen Castro twice in the past six months or so: in August and again in December, during the delayed birthday celebrations for the dictator.

“Everyone wants Fidel to recover and reappear,” he said.

Of course, Castro and Ortega used to be very close back in the days when the Sandinistas ruled Nicaragua – and Havana was doing the Soviet Union's dirty work in Central America and elsewhere.

Ortega is now back in power. Elected freely and fairly, from all accounts, after apparently re-discovering God. And ditching Communism.

On the other hand, Castro is no longer in power. Unlike Ortega, he has never faced a free and fair poll. He says he remains a Communist. As for re-discovering God …


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