Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In black and white

You know those endless blackouts that have been part and parcel of life in Cuba for the past 20 years or so? Well, they are over.

At least that’s the claim made by Prensa Latina, the official Cuban news agency, in an article with the cut-out-and-keep headline, “Cuba: No More Blackouts”.

The news agency quotes “official” figures showing that the Cuban power industry has managed to eliminate “90 per cent of damaging and annoying electricity shortages” – a task described as “the economy’s most outstanding achievement in 2006”.

It seems that all those Chinese-made electric rice cookers Fidel Castro has been selling to Cuban housewives on credit are finally having an impact on energy consumption. If you believe Prensa Latina, that is.

Anyway, the article reveals another interesting (if unintended) figure: nearly 50 years after Castro came to power promising to improve the lot of Cubans, some 20 per cent of families still have no access to electricity for basic necessities. Such as cooking.


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