Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's goodbye from him ...

The Castro regime continues to treat its own citizens much as it has for the past 47 years – as mushrooms. You know, kept in the dark and fed bullshit.

This means that while the Cuban media continues to talk about how Fidel Castro is recovering, officials in Madrid have now all but confirmed that the 80-year-old dictator, far from being on the mend, is almost certainly near death. Or pretty close to it.

Officials from the Madrid regional administration have confirmed earlier media reports that a renowned Spanish specialist, Jose Garcia Sabrido, flew to Havana on Thursday on a specially-sent Cuban Government plane.

His task: to examine Castro, whose state of health appears to have deteriorated markedly in recent days, according to several (and obviously well informed) Spanish newspapers.

Dr Garcia Sabrido will apparently decide whether the man who has ruled Cuba with an iron fist since early 1959 can withstand further delicate intestinal surgery.

In a delicious twist, it has also been confirmed that medicine and special equipment have been flown to Cuba from Spain over the past six months or so. For the personal use of the dictator, who obviously does not have much faith in the “world-class” Cuban health system.

So far, we are yet to hear Dr Garcia Sabrido's diagnosis.

But it’s unlikely to be positive. For Castro, at least.


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