Saturday, January 13, 2007

Revolutionary journalism c. 2007

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After an all-too-brief Summer break, it's been fun catching up on all the news that matters about Cuba over the past day. My fellow (Northern Hemisphere) bloggers have done a sterling job, as usual.

And it's good to see that some things never change.

Like that dopey Cindy Whatshername visiting Guantanamo and ignoring the obvious. And Hugo Chavez promising to reshape Venezuela. Then there is Daniel Ortega back in office in Nicaragua. I mean, talk about a time warp ...

Something else that hasn't change: Fidel Castro remains in hiding, obviously too sick to make a public apperance, even on video.

Despite this, the union that is supposed to represent Cuba's journalists (the ones employed and directly controlled by the regime, that is), has just held a "festival" in Havana, attended by about 400 ideologically safe delegates.

Among the discussions, how to better help the Castro machine communicate with an increasingly jaded audience.

And to show what an independent, quick-thinking, determined bunch they are, the delegates were unanimous in refusing to ask the one question the vast majority of Cubans are asking: is the old man Castro dying?

Instead, the delegates sent a "special message" to the seriously-ill dictator, wishing him a speedy recovery.

Describing Castro as a "giant", a "colleague" and "an inspiration", the union delegates swore on behalf of all journalists, "total loyalty" to the Comandante en Jefe, as you can read here.

So, you see, nothing changes.


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