Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Counting votes

As you would expect, the official Cuban media has heralded the re-election of the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, as a huge victory for socialism. And a slap in the face for “the Empire”.

On national television, the presenters even wore red ties and red jackets to celebrate the electoral outcome, as you can read in this Reuters dispatch.

Of course, keeping Chavez in the Miraflores presidential palace is of paramount importance to the Castro regime since Venezuela now effectively bankrolls what is left of the Cuban economy.

But there is a point no one in the tightly-controlled media dared to make.

Although far from a perfect democracy, at least Venezuelans had a choice when it came to electing their president. And they could read and hear all about it in a free, lively and sometimes highly critical media.

On the other hand, Castro has never, ever faced a real election in the 47 very long years he has been (was?) in power. Not once. And neither has his brother.


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