Sunday, December 03, 2006

No show in Havana

It's now confirmed: the Fidel Castro era is over.

I know, I know. We have speculated about this many, many times over the past four decades or so - and always ended up with egg on our collective faces. It'd foolish to do so again.

But ...

Castro failed to show up at his own, postponed, hyped-up 80th birthday party on Saturday, as sure a sign as any that the dictator is seriously ill, a long way from even a partial recovery and highly unlikely to return to power.

The guests had arrived, including the usual suspects such as Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega and Garcia Marquez (has that man no shame?). The cake had been baked and the candles lit. There was even a parade and fireworks.

But the birthday boy was nowhere to be seen.

Unusual under any circumstances at any time but in the case of a man who so loves the limelight such as Castro, his non-apperance ... his failure to surprise the world yet again ... is truly extraordinary.

And what about the message it sends to ordinary Cubans?

As for the stand-in, Raul Castro gave a mercifully brief speech in which he failed to mention his older brother's health even once. In fact, he only mentioned Fidel two or three times.

Again, what message does that send to Cubans?


Anonymous asombra said...

They had to know it was at best extremely unlikely he'd be able to appear, and yet they went to tremendous expense--all that money, effort and resources wasted in a society that cannot provide the basic necessities of its people. It's a disgrace, but what else is new?

The only people this ridiculous charade was any good for are the shameless "honored guests," who either have no clue what average Cubans have to endure or just don't give a damn. They're all beneath contempt.

2:40 pm  
Blogger Luis M Garcia said...

You are absolutely right about the "honoured guests". Garcia Marquez (again!), the dopey Argentinians, Gerard Depardieu, the rest ... Shameless. The lot of them.

4:34 pm  

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