Thursday, November 30, 2006

A volcano of wisdom

When Fidel Castro turned 79 last year, the official propaganda sheet of the regime, Granma, compared the man who has ruled Cuba with an iron fist for the past 47 years to the sun – warm, radiant and the source of life.

Now, how do you top such utter rubbish?

Well, the dictator is too ill to make a public appearance during the postponed celebrations of his 80th birthday, which kicked off in Havana yesterday.

But this has not stopped the tightly controlled newspapers of the regime (the only papers in Cuba), from trying to outdo each other in praising Castro, as you can read in this BBC report.

The official paper of the Union of Communist Youth, Juventud Rebelde, describes Castro as “a volcano of wisdom and love".

Not to be outdone, Trabajadores, the paper of the Communist-run Cuban Confederation of Labour, also refers to Castro as a volcano.

The paper then quotes one of the organisers of the “celebrations” at length, describing Castro as "the man who has given the greatest impulse to international solidarity in contemporary history".

Does this sound eerily familiar? It should.

This is the type of sycophantic crap that was common in Romania in the mid to late 1980s when the equally deranged Nicolae Ceausescu insisted on being described in the official Communist media as “The Genius of the Carpathians”. And “The Danube of Thought”. And “The guarantor of the nation's progress and independence".

And we all know what happened to Nicolae.


Anonymous elliot said...

For your interest, they just showed an amazing doc here in UK where republican congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen brazenly admits to supporting CIA attemps to assassinate Castro

It's an amazing confession, see it on

(oh and she's just been re-elected in Florida!)

It's making news here because the doc also featured what was practially a confession by Orlando Bosch that he planned the bombing of a cuban airliner killing 73 civilians over ten years ago.

Bosch is living a free man because George Bush Snr, granted him leave to remain in US despite objections of Senate and Congress.

See more on the doc's website

What do you think?
Is this making news in the US?
(It is getting connected here with the assassination of the russian spy last week)


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