Thursday, November 16, 2006

No exit permit for dissident

The BBC reports this morning that the Castro regime has barred dissident Guillermo Farinas Hernandez from travelling to Germany to receive a prestigious humanitarian award from the International Society for Human Rights.

Farinas has been on a hunger strike for the past seven months demanding access to the Internet for him and his fellow independent journalists.

According to a spokesman for the Society, Martin Lessenshin, the Cuban government claims Farinas cannot travel because of ill health – and the fact that he is in a wheelchair.

β€œThe official reason for denying him permission to travel to Germany is that the government wants to protect Farinas because he is ill,” Mr Lessenshin said.

"The reality is that the regime does not want photographs splashed around the world of a Cuban dissident receiving an important prize such as this from a wheelchair.”

You can read more about Farinas and the fate of other independent journalists on the island at Uncommon Sense.


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