Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now they hate Australia

The official propaganda sheet of the Castro regime, Granma, today launched a vitriolic attack on Australia and the Australian prime minister, John Howard.

The newspaper that describes itself as the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party, says Australia is an “immoral” nation that practices a type of apartheid against its indigenous population similar to that practised in South Africa in the past.

And we are supposed to be an abuser of human rights, too, locking up would-be migrants in “concentration camps”. And a US lackey, of course. Which is as you’d expect since according to the paper, we are all supposed to be descendants from convicts.

Hilarious, I know.

The reason for this hysteric little piece in Granma? You may recall that last week at the United Nations, Australia attempted to raise the issue of human rights under the Castro regime, calling on Havana to free all political prisoners.

Sadly, the proposed motion was lost 126 votes to 51 – but it infuriated the Cubans no end, especially as the motion was backed by the whole of the European Union, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Israel and most of the old Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe.

So, it’s pay back time.

Word of advice to the propagandists at Granma: do some basic research first.

The American bases in central Australia have been here since the 1960s. And while there are still pockets of poverty in Australia (much to our shame), low income families and the unemployed are entitled to welfare support. The
detention centre for illegal entrants is in Baxter, not Baxta.

And the Maoris are not the original inhabitants of Australia. The Maoris are the very proud original inhabitants of New Zealand.


Blogger Albert Quiroga said...

Well, what can we expect from the sclerotic "Granny," that bastion of Kubanski pseudo-journalism, which, like the Russian "Pravda" and "Izvestia" contains neither truth nor news within its sparse arsewiping pages? It does serve as an example of the accomplishments of Kubanski "free education." You get what you pay for.

Aussies might want to take up a collection to buy some "tilo" for the "Granma" pseudo journalists - that's linden tea, a popular, natural nerve-soothing remedy in Cuba - when you can find it listed in the food rationing card.

11:19 pm  
Anonymous asombra said...

It's very sad but very simple. This simply means that 70% of the voting countries don't really care about human rights and certainly don't care about Cuba. Voting against the embargo, by the way, is not a pro-Cuba act but an anti-US act. These hypocrites are perfectly willing to let Cuba suffer, bleed, and rot indefinitely as long as it can be used in an anti-US agenda.

I'd especially like to know which of Cuba's so-called "sister countries" south of the border (besides Venezuela and Bolivia) voted against the Australian amendment. If someone knows, please post it. Every Cuban should be aware of who's stabbing Cuba in the back.

2:12 am  
Anonymous asombra said...

I still don't know who voted against the Australian amendment, but now I know who voted for it. It's beyond disgraceful and deeply disgusting that not a single Latin country voted for it. That means not even one of Cuba's supposed "sister" nations has the decency of, say, Albania. What a terrific family.

2:42 am  
Blogger El Güinero said...

Socio, le hice un tratamiento a esta misma situación en el blog mio. Date una pasadita por ahí.

12:46 pm  

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