Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fearless journalists corner

I see that the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) is hosting the fifth international forum of war correspondents in Havana this week.

And as expected, the forum has spent a fair bit of time attacking the US and offering seemingly unqualified support to Fidel Castro’s rapidly decaying regime, at least according to this article in Granma.

Now, this should not surprise us since UPEC long ago ceased to be a trade union representing the rights of journalists to become well, just another arm of the regime.

And most of those attending, such as Roberto Montoya of Spain, have been long-standing supporters of the regime - the very same regime that has made an art form out of harassing, intimidating and imprisoning any journalist who dares to step out of line.

Shameless is the word for it, I think ...

For more details on the fate of Cuban independent journalists, don’t miss the excellent regular round-up at Uncommon Sense.


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