Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your move

Those analysts and commentators who think relations between the United States and the Castro regime will inevitably improve once Barrack Obama is in the White House will be deeply disappointed by the latest comments by Raul Castro.

During his visit to Brazil, the Cuban mini-dictator told the Al Jazeera network that the Americans will need to “make concessions first” if the two countries are ever to restore diplomatic ties.

"We have never hurt the United States, we have only defended ourselves,” Castro II said. “We are the ones who have been hurt so we are not the ones who have to make a gesture. Let them do it.

"I'm 77-years-old but I feel good and young. In other words if this doesn't get resolved now, we'll wait another 50 years."

In other words, Havana is already placing its own pre-conditions on any meeting with Mr Obama, insisting the US make some form of gesture first ... like lifting the commercial embargo.

Stay tuned.


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