Thursday, December 04, 2008

Quote of the day, or Here we go again ...

"The hard-liners are fading in the face of a changing exile community, however, and analysts say younger Cuban-Americans, in particular, are more concerned with domestic issues like the US economy than they are with the political situation in Cuba."

A Reuters dispatch on a new poll that suggests 55 per cent of Cuban-Americans in Florida think the US commercial embargo on the Castro regime should be lifted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look I want the embargo to stay in place too, but you can't just wholly dismiss a well designed survey taken from radom sample that uses population weigths too.... there is of course margin of error, but it wouldn't be more thant + or - 7 percent at most (probably more like 2 percent).

We can't deny reality just b/c we don't like it. Lots of cubans are changing, I don't like it, but survyes are better indicators than what my neighbor says..

3:34 am  
Blogger Agustin Farinas said...

interestingly enough that study was commisioned by the Cuban Study group who has been a strong advocate for ending the embargo and restoring realtions with Cuba so I find it a little too coincidental that it dovetails perfectly with their position on the embargo. Also the Cuban community in Miami voted overwhelmenly for the Rep. Diaz Balarts brothers and Rep. Ileana Ros and they support the embargo so the election results seem to be at odds and disclaim what the study found.

3:34 am  

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