Monday, April 28, 2008

From the US media

The recent “reforms” introduced by Raul Castro since more or less taking over from his older brother do not appear to have impressed the editorial writers at that great US journal of liberal opinion, The Washington Post.

In a surprisingly strong (and clear headed) editorial, the paper points out that the changes unveiled by Castro II are minor and largely immaterial … and in no way a substitute for real political change.

“Yes, any Cuban who can spare a year's worth of the average salary may now buy and activate a cellphone,” says the paper. “But there's little indication that [Raul] Castro intends even the sort of change that has transformed formerly communist countries such as China and Vietnam into more prosperous dictatorships, much less a political opening.“

The paper also has a go at the thugs in Havana over the shameful episode last week involving a peaceful protest by the Damas de Blanco, who have since been targeted by the regime's official media as US "mercenaries".

Read the editorial here.


Blogger Samuel said...

In El Salvador, government death squads are torturing and killing people who march and protest against them (ARENA), then the government simply blames it on the gangs or the "common" violence and labels the protesters as "terrorists".

Does that sound familiar?

3:54 pm  

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