Monday, April 28, 2008

The Qatari are coming

One of the largest real estate investment groups in the Arab world, Qatari Diar, announced overnight that it had agreed to invest USD70 million to develop an exclusive five-star tourist resort in Cuba.

The group, which is backed by the Qatari government and which has invested heavily in properties across the Middle East, will work with the Castro regime to build the 200-bedroom resort at Cayo Largo.

According to this report, the hotel will also boast 60 "deluxe villas" aimed at very wealthy tourists and top-end business travellers, who will most likely not meet too many Cubans during their break ... except those working at the resort.


Blogger Walter Lippmann said...

This is good news for the Cuban economy, isn't it?

Looks like the Qatari investors feel their money is safe in Cuba.

7:45 pm  

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