Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sugar, sugar

After nearly a decade in serious decline, sugar production in Cuba has increased by 29 per cent so far this harvesting year, according to official figures released today by the Castro regime.

Assuming the figures are accurate, the increase is substantial, at least at first glance. Except that the increase
comes off a very low base: sugar production in 2006-2007 was just 1.2 million tonnes, one of the the lowest production figures on record, as you can read here.

And it seems not all is going according to plan this time around, either.

Sugar ministry officials pointed out that production was 15 days behind schedule due to what were described as “breakdowns” and “operative interruptions”. Oh, yes, and those evil Americans who have made it difficult to "get spare parts from abroad due to the US economic blockade”. Of course.


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