Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our friends in the Vatican

You will be happy to hear that relations between the Castro regime and the Vatican appear to be improving by the day.

According to this report, the Catholic Church has been “invited” to open a new monastery on the island, including what has been described as a "spiritual centre."

Four monks from the Missionary Benedictines, an order that has its headquarters near Munich, in Germany, will travel to Cuba to take charge of the new facility.

The report states that the arrangement had been “requested” by the archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, and “expressly approved by Fidel Castro before his retirement last month as Cuban leader”.

The announcement comes just days after the number two man at the Vatican, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, completed his much-publicised visit to the island.

During his visit, the good cardinal found time to publicly and very strongly condemn the US trade and commercial embargo as “unethical” and "unacceptable", much to the delight of the regime.

Still, I am sure it’s all purely coincidental.


Blogger Agustin Farinas said...

don't you know they make a mean cheese that happens to be one of the favorites of the Invisible One?
This way he may be asssured his portion of cheese made by the good Benedectine monks. Is called cheese before human rights and the Church is real proud of their cheese.

1:58 am  

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