Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You say tomato ...

You know how Fidel Castro has been going on about biofuels lately?

The ailing dictator, who was supposed to be a strong supporter of alternative energy sources, has suddenly convinced himself that turning sugar, corn and other produce into fuel is bad news for the poor.

And naturally enough, the old reactionary blames the US.

Well, here is a timely rebuttal by William Saletan, published in the online magazine Slate.

Worth reading.

H/T to Penultimos Dias


Blogger Unknown said...

So now Castro believes there is a God?

He's straving the Cubans, but he's worried about the world going hungry??

Does anyone see the paradox?

10:29 pm  
Blogger Lourod said...

Im sure he will change his mind soon...It's like ANimal Farm: "four legs good, two legs bad" then "four legs good, two legs better"!

11:53 pm  

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