Monday, April 16, 2007

Doctor in the house

In case you have ever wondered what's wrong in Latin America today, here is just one small example.

It's a quote from Evo Morales speaking during a visit to Caracas today for the opening of a new medical school.

Referring to the Castro regime's program of using badly-paid, over-worked Cuban doctors as an export-earning commodity, the democratically-elected president of Bolivia told reporters that Cuba was now the one country in Latin America that offered the most help to its neighbours.

He said that while Cuba sent troops overseas to "save lives" (that is, the doctors), the United States sent troops "to extinguish lives" (ie, soldiers).

As for the ailing 80-year-old dictator, Morales described Castro as "the world's number one doctor because he is always thinking about Humanity ..."

Percentage of Bolivians who voted for Morales at the 2005 elections: close to 54 per cent.


Blogger Al said...

I was one of those doctors, sent to South Africa to help poor black community, I was an idealist young doctor eager to help until I found the cuban goverment was paid 100 000 us for contingent and I have to send to Cuba 61 % of my salary in US (after conversion from rands) and after taxes, sort of slave plus danger, no black trained south african doctor will go to the montains to help their own people, so the ANC goverment arranged with the cuban goverment to send cubans, well qualified, highly practical and cheap doctors. I realized finally I was used and decided to scape to USA where I live and work after completing another speciality.
"comunism is the longest and most painfull path to capitalism"
abajo Fidel y su gente!!!

3:32 am  
Blogger Luis M Garcia said...


Thank you for popping by my blog and for sharing your story. Unfortunately, few people in the West are aware of this shameful "doctors-for-dollars" scandal, believing instead that it is strictly humanitarian work.

8:08 am  

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