Friday, April 13, 2007

Diplomatic niceties

Contrary to what you may have read in Granma, not all Latin American leaders think Fidel Castro is the greatest thing since ... well, since Fidel Castro.

Take Elias Antonio Saca, the fortysomething president of El Salvador.

It seems there is a debate going on in the national parliament on whether El Salvador should re-establish full diplomatic relations with the Castro regime, which were severed back in 1959.

Parties of both the Right and the Left (of course) are toying with the idea, given growing business ties between the two countries.

Not Mr Saca.

Asked for his views, he told reporters that while he remained president, there was bugger all chance of establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Not until Cubans could freely and democratically elect their own leaders, he said.

I can’t wait for the predictably nasty reaction from Havana.


Blogger Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Conversely, Honduras has just recognized Communist Cuba after a comparable period of diplomatic estrangement. What it hopes to obtain thereby is anybody's guest. What they have in fact achieved is to deprive their country of the honorable boast of having never concerted with the Castro regime. Perhaps Honduras' president wants a special blessing from the dying Castro. But all his blessings are reserved for Hugo.

2:56 pm  
Anonymous asombra said...

I salute Saca, but he's obviously an exception. Cuba's supposed "bother countries" in Central and South America have generally been as bad as siblings as Spain has been as "mother."

I can certainly sympathize with those Cubans who, fed up with such miserable "relatives," no longer want to be even called "Latin," but simply Cuban.

3:13 am  

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