Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's meet in Cuba

Some of those who want the US commercial and trade embargo on Cuba lifted often argue that the result would be an influx of democratically-minded Americans, their pockets bulging with greenbacks.

And all that capitalist goodwill would then encourage Cubans to speak out against the Castro regime, eroding the Communist Party’s grip on power and eventually bringing democracy and mutli-party elections to the island.

Who knows?

Anyway, you may be interested in the results of an online survey undertaken by MIMegasite, a newsletter serving the multi-million dollar US meetings and conventions industry.

The newsletter asked 100 planners whether they'd consider Cuba as a possible meeting destination if the US administration lifted the current travel ban.

The result? Twenty-four per cent said they would consider Cuba in the first year the travel ban was lifted while another 34 per cent said they would wait at least a year before considering Cuba.

But the rest said they would not consider Cuba at all, primarily because they have a “large question mark” about the quality of the local hotels.

The newsletter described the results as "surprising".


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