Monday, September 18, 2006

Can’t help themselves …

What is it about old Communists?

First we had Mario Benedetti, the Uruguayan writer and enemy of (some) dictatorships, telling the Spanish newspaper El Pais why he still loves his pal Fidel Castro. Apparently, it’s because Castro put an end to prostitution in Cuba. I think he was serious …

Now, we have another great defender of human rights, Julio Anguita, making excuses for the 80 year old dictator and his rapidly decaying, malodorous regime in Havana.

Interviewed by the Madrid daily, El Mundo, the former head of the Spanish Communist Party is asked whether he is worried about Castro’s health.

Of course he is.

“The Cuban Revolution does not belong just to Cubans but to me as well. I feel responsible,” Anguita replies before adding that Castro “has done some things” that are not to his liking.
But that’s alright because: “The biggest lie I have ever heard in my life is that the United States is a great democracy …”



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