Thursday, September 14, 2006

Our Spanish friends

The Spanish daily ABC revealed today on its front page that the Zapatero administration in Madrid has sent its second most senior diplomat, Bernardino León, as an observer to the Summit of the Non Aligned Movement being held in Havana.

And it’s good to see the paper calling a spade a spade, unlike so much of the Western media.

According to ABC, the meeting in Cuba is nothing more than an excuse for some of the world’s nastiest dictators to attack the United States.

“It is lamentable to see senior Spanish representatives attending a meeting whose aim is to glorify a dictator of the ilk of Fidel Castro,” the paper adds in a strongly-worded editorial which then goes on to describe the Castro regime as “tyrannical” and “decomposing”.

You can read the editorial here, in Spanish. It’s a corker.


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