Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reading between the lines. Again.

According to Granma, the principal propaganda sheet for the Cuban regime, a ministerial delegation from Syria has been in Cuba for the past few days – and they have been officially received by Raul Castro, supposedly in his capacity as the “temporary” ruler of his 11 million subjects.

It is not unusual for the slightly younger Castro to meet foreign delegations.

It’s just that with his older brother, Fidel, supposedly recovering somewhere in Havana after a delicate operation, the prominence of the Granma article has excited a few of us, Cuban observers.

What does it mean?, we ask ourselves.

We are a sad, pathetic bunch, I know … A bit like those old Kremlinologists of the recent past. Remember them? They would minutely inspect every statement and photograph emanating from the once impenetrable Soviet propaganda machine hunting for clues about what was really going on behind the Kremlin walls.

Most were so busy reading between the lines they almost missed the spectacular collapse of the entire edifice.


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