Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Big news in Havana 3

As is usually the case, the official Cuban media have failed to explain (let alone question!) the reasons why Raul Castro unexpectedly sacked several of his senior ministers yesterday, in particular two high-profile ministers who were often described as potential successors: Carlos Lage and Felipe Perez Roque.

In any other country, the head of the government would have been hounded by reporters for an explanation and the dismissed ministers themselves would have almost certainly held a press conference and provided their own commentary.

Not in Cuba, where disgraced officials simply disappear from public view, normally for decades ... just as it used to happen in the old Soviet Union.

Mind you, Fidel Castro has provided a glimpse of what might have gone wrong for the officious Lage and the odious Perez Roque in his latest “reflection”, which was published overnight in Havana.

According to Castro I, he was fully consulted about the changes and approved of them, describing the changes as “beneficial”.

And in characteristic style, he attempts to rewrite history once more by claiming that he had nothing at all to do with the promotion of Lage and Perez Roque to senior positions, which of course, is absolute crap.

As for their dismissal, the semi-retired dictator says they got the flick because they had become too “ambitious” for their own good and had started behaving in an “undignified” manner.

Intriguing, eh?


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