Thursday, February 12, 2009


When all is said and done, there is nothing particularly special about this week’s three-day visit to Cuba by Michelle Bachelet - the first such visit by a Chilean head of state since the days of Salvador Allende.

After all, democratically-elected Latin American leaders from right across the political spectrum have visited the island over the past few years to be dined and wined by those always-welcoming Castro brothers.

And yet … there is something inherently disappointing in Ms Bachelet’s visit, and in her inexplicable decision not to upset the semi-retired dictator by setting aside an hour or so to meet with a handful of dissidents.

As dissident Owaldo Paya put it: "It will be a sad paradox indeed that someone representing a country that has been through a dictatorship comes to a country where there is a dictatorship and fails to show a sign of respect for diversity of opinion.”


Anonymous Nausea said...

Bachelet is a hypocrite and a fraud, a self-righteous, holier-than-thou sham. When she was exiled in communist East Germany while Pinochet was in power, she would have had nothing but condemnation and scorn for any head of state that visited him and behaved the way she’s behaving in Cuba now with the tyrannical Castros.

It doesn’t really matter whether or not she spends a few minutes with some Cuban dissident(s), because it would only be an empty, token gesture. If she was truly committed to human rights, as she pretends to be, she would never be so friendly and accommodating with the Castro regime--and even if she did not condemn the Cuban dictatorship outright, she would at least be giving it the cold shoulder.

In some respects, her behavior is worse than that of a Chavez, who makes no bones about who and what he is and what he's about.

For shame, Bachelet, for SHAME.

2:38 am  
Anonymous Imagine said...

Have you seen her photo with the Coma-andante? She looks as pleased and happy as could be. It's so nice when a "brother" nation stabs Cuba in the back, yet again. I mean, it's happened so often for so long that one absolutely expects it by now. Sort of like those poor battered wives who expect their husbands to beat them. Smarmy fraud.

3:03 am  

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