Monday, November 10, 2008

They are back

The Russians are coming ... again.

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Sechin, is currently in Havana on a much-publicised official visit, prompting further speculation that Moscow is keen to re-establish closer ties with its one time socialist ally.

According to news reports, Mr Sechin had a “long meeting” with Raul Castro on Sunday, local time, to discuss a range of topics, including further Russian investment in mining and transport.

It seems Castro also thanked the Russians for providing assistance following the devastation caused by hurricanes Ike and Gustav earlier in the year, with Moscow claiming to have been the first nation to offer “humanitarian aid” to the Cubans.

All very cosy.

Of course, it’s still a long way from the good old times when Cuba became a Soviet outpost in the Caribbean, complete with Russian language studies in schools, busts of Lenin and Marx in all public places and the sight of sweaty Soviet “advisers” telling Cubans how to run the economy.

Now, those were the days ...


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