Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diplomatic news

The wooing of Pacific Island nations by the Castro regime continues apace, as you can read in this dispatch in the official Cuban media.

It seems senior representatives of 10 nations in the South Pacific have travelled to Havana for the inaugural meeting of the Ministerial Meeting of Cuba and the Pacific Island States.

And while the visitors didn’t get to meet Raul Castro (too busy), they were entertained by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, that affable rogue, Felipe Perez Roque,
who told the delegates that Cuba had offered 64 medical scholarship to Pacific Island students – with many more to come in future.

"Cuba, a blockaded nation with scant resources, is willing to share its most valuable treasure with you: the human capital created over 50 years of revolution," said Perez Roque, forgetting to mention that while tuition is free, Pacific Island nations have to fund air fares, accommodation and living expenses for the students.

In fact, much of the costs involved in these “free” scholarships handed out by the Castro regime are borne indirectly by Australian taxpayers, who effectively bankroll the Pacific Island nations through hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian and development aid.

Still, score big points for Havana on the propaganda front.


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