Monday, April 07, 2008

Place your bets

First he gave Cubans the right to window shops for outrageously-overpriced DVDs. Then, he gave them the right to own mobiles phones. And to stay in luxury hotels that previously had been reserved only for tourists.

Now, that great reformer, Raul Castro, may be toying with the idea of turning Cuba into an online gambling centre.

At least that’s the word from Online Casino Sphere, an online magazine that specialises on all matters gaming.

According to the magazine, the Caribbean is known as the online casino capital of the world, with many of the best-known online casinos and popular international sports-books operating in places such as Antigua, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

“Many of these countries base a large percentage of their economic output in the online gaming sector,” the magazine concludes.

“With all of the trouble Cuba is having economically, it would make sense for them to take advantage of the US$15 billion dollar a year industry. Really, what do they have to lose?”


Blogger Fidel pro democracy said...

Hey, they are copying Batista's idea of turning havana into the monte carlo of the americas!!

3:14 am  

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