Thursday, February 21, 2008

Apologists II

Our old friend Ignacio Ramonet is at it again.

Writing in today's edition of the Left-leaning London daily The Guardian, Ramonet tries hard to find something (anything!) negative to say about Fidel Castro ... without success.

The man can't help it.

So, for the record, here is take on the 81-year-old dictator: "The most surprising thing that I found out about the man, in the hours we spent together compiling his memoirs, was how modest, human, discreet and respectful he was. He has a tremendous moral and ethical sense. He is a man of rigorous principles and sober existence."

As for the island's future, Ramonet is confident that socialism will prevail regardless - apparently Cubans from all walks of life have told him so.

"Most Cubans themselves - even those who criticise aspects of the regime - do not envisage or desire change: they don't want to lose the advantages it has brought them, the free education right through university, the free universal healthcare, or the very fact of a safe, peaceful existence in a country where life is calm."


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