Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ungrateful sods

Our old pal Fidel Castro aint happy.

You may have read elsewhere that a handful of Cuban athletes competing at the Pan-American Games in Rio have decided not to return home – and defect in Brazil.

They include the best known of the Cuban boxers, Guillermo Rigondeaux, who won Olympic gold medals in Sydney in 2000 and in Athens four years later.

Well, Castro is livid.

The ailing 80-year-old dictator, who nowadays communicates with his subjects via lengthy articles that are dutifully published in the official media, thinks these latest defections are beyond the pale.

He blames an “international mafia” for the defections, claiming US promoters are using “refined psychological methods and many millions of dollars'' to entice Cuban boxers over to capitalism.

Not because the boxers are any good, you understand, but because this is all part of a nasty plot by those evil Americans to "damage the Revolution".

For good measure, Castro has branded the athletes “traitors” and greedy “mercenaries”, who should in reality be grateful to his regime for letting them compete internationally.

Fancy that.


Anonymous Tati said...

Ojala que todo eso le de un buen patatun a ese loco.

11:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? Are you insinuating that, perhaps, there might actually be some valid reason(s) for these athletes to defect? What are you, a CIA operative? Don't you know Cuba is the best of all possible worlds? Do you dare suggest that the glorious Maximum Leader could possibly be, well, a bit biased? Infidel! Off with your head!

4:31 am  

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