Friday, December 15, 2006

Reading between the lines

The official propaganda sheet of the Castro regime, Granma, has published a front page editorial today attacking the small dissident movement on the island as “mercenaries”, "US puppies" and “counter-revolutionaries”.

Nothing new in such attacks - these are the terms the regime has used for the past 47 years to refer to anyone who dares to challenge the Castro orthodoxy.

What is intriguing is the timing of the editorial, coming at a time when Fidel Castro appears to be near death.

Also intriguing is the prominence of the unsigned editorial.

Could it be a not-too-subtle sign that some within the regime are concerned about the impact dissidents may be having internationally? Is it a prelude to further arrests and even more harassment and intimidation? If the dissident groups are as insignificant as the newspaper claims, then
why give them any publicity internally?

Or is this just a message to ordinary Cubans that when the time comes, Raul Castro will not tolerate any opposition, no matter how small or disorganised?

As with most things to do with Cuba, nothing ever is as it seems.


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