Wednesday, October 11, 2006

From a boy in Cuba

The leadership of the South Australian branch of the Australian Education Union (AEU) thinks we could learn a thing or two from the way Fidel Castro runs his schools, as you can see from this previous post.

You know, like how children as young as five are “encouraged” by their teachers to send get well messages to the Comandante en Jefe, who is now into his second month of recovery from a mysterious illness that has been deemed a “State secret” by the regime.

Here is one such message published today by Juventud Rebelde, the official newspaper of the Union of Communist Youth.

It’s a get well message from Lazaro Camilo Moret, a fifth grade pionero from Esmeralda, in Camaguey province.

Lazaro writes: “On behalf of pioneros in Camaguey, I want to thank you for this wonderful Revolution you have created for us, the children of Cuba. Fidel, you can count on all pioneros to give our very own lives for you …”

See? That’s what governments everywhere should aspire to.


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