Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello, old friends

It was almost like the good old days: an important Russian visitor flies into Havana and the Castro regime, always eager to please, rolls out the red carpet, the military escort, the little paper flags ...

Well, not quite.

The man supposedly in charge at the moment, Raul Castro, has donned civilian clothes (again) to welcome to Havana Mikhail Fradkov, the Russian Prime Minister.

It’s a visit described by some observers as highly important. For the Castro brothers, that is.

So far, the two sides have signed an unspecified military co-operation agreement (what could that possibly entail?), as well as several trade agreements, according to this Associated Press report.

As a result, Russia has agreed to offer the supposedly embargoed island of Cuba credits worth $US350 million, to be used to buy Russian goods.

Which is rather kind of the Russians considering that Fidel Castro still owes them an estimated $US20 billion in debts incurred back in the days of the old Soviet Union.

Still, what's a billion or two among old friends?


Blogger Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Or 20 or 25?

3:37 pm  

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