Thursday, November 13, 2008


The highest ranking woman in the Castro regime, Marta Lomas, has been unexpectedly fired by the Communist Party from her high-profile post as Minister for Foreign Investment.

The announcement was made on national television on Wednesday night, Havana time, and as usual with such demotions in Cuba, the regime did not explain the reasons for the decision.

Instead, the television announcement merely said that the party’s all-powerful Politburo had decided to “liberate” the minister from her “duties”.

The move comes just a week after Lomas was quoted extensively by the foreign media as having “welcomed” the election of Barack Obama, while at the same time urging the Americans to lift the trade and commercial embargo.

Still, it’s unlikely that Lomas would have been given the flick over her comments.

Most likely it has something to do with the nature (and temptations) of her job, which involved negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with foreign governments and private businesses.

Stay tuned.


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